• mini golf hole

    Artistic and playful commission for the Knock Down Center, this obstacle is made of rotating/pivoting oak sticks that create an infinitely dynamic course. Guests can rearrange the stick if they wish, or approach the course as it was left by previous players. The revolving sticks themselves have a phonetic quality that is achieved when the golf ball hits and bounces off, while the concrete base and obstacles are intended to withstand a variety of weather conditions and immature people stepping on them. Estimates at a par 4, it is possible to get it in 1, making you feel super awesome. “Built in 1903, Knock Down Center was a glass factory and then a door factory. Now it is an impressive anachronism: an expansive space becoming a cultural center on three acres in south Queens, where eclectic pursuits will converge to usher in a new era of experimentation, risk and economic sustainability.” - www.knockdowncenter.com